Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.0: Quick Review
10 Jul 2018

Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.0: Quick Review

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EaseUS Facts recovery wizard is without a doubt one of the best tools all-around to recuperate your shed facts. Very well, we still advocate you to have a backup of your data files to an external storage generate – no issue what file recovery software you check out to use.

EaseUS is a free of charge facts recovery software with high quality offerings as well. So, in this short article, we’ be examining the tool (how good/bad it is) and you could then come to a decision to check out it out.

EaseUS Facts Recovery Wizard: Crucial Attributes

If a free of charge facts recovery software helps to recuperate the facts in pretty much each and every sort of facts reduction – then it need to be the advisable alternative. Enable’ see in what instances EaseUS proves to be helpful:

  • Unintentionally Deleted Information Recovery: If you’ unintentionally deleted some thing, you will be in a position to recuperate it.
  • Formatted Recovery: We think that we’ shed every thing following our Pc receives a reset (or formatting). Very well, the good news is – you can still recuperate a important chunk of facts even if you have formatted your Pc.
  • Recycle Bin Vacant Facts Recovery: Oops! Did you just wipe the recycle bin and wanted to restore some thing? Fret not, EaseUS does help recovering data files that have been deleted from the recycle bin as well.
  • Misplaced Partition Recovery: If some thing has gone erroneous with the partition you just developed, the facts can still be recovered with EaseUS facts recovery tool.
  • Challenging Disk Problems: If you’ harmed your storage generate, EaseUS can still assistance you recuperate the data files.
  • Virus Attack Recovery: If you’ not cautious, you will most likely be a target of facts reduction triggered by a malware or an unidentified virus. In that situation, EaseUS can assistance recuperate the shed facts as well.
  • OS Crash Recovery: If you have difficulty booting into the Home windows system, EaseUS lets you develop another bootable media to recuperate the facts. You can study extra about it in their formal partition manager guide.
  • Uncooked Partition Recovery: If for some rationale, one of your partition becomes a Uncooked partition, you can still recuperate facts from it – in situation you shed the facts though changing Uncooked to NTFS.

EaseUS Facts Recovery: In this article’ What We Think


EaseUS Facts recovery currently has an enhanced UI and performs really well – as it did in our previous assessment of its edition 10.

The attributes and skills that occur baked in are certainly worthy of possessing it mounted.

It’ actually free of charge to scan for the data files and facts that can be recovered utilizing EaseUS. You might need to enhance if you have a ton of facts to restore.

EaseUS Facts Recovery tool lets you record all the file styles in one position or you can filter them with the types of facts you need to be restored (like tunes, videos, paperwork, etc.)

It also supports two scan approaches where by the speedy scanning only lets you know about the folders/data files you can restore effortlessly. The deep degree scan lists out all the shed partition facts, shed data files in a Uncooked partition, and extra.

As an additional reward, you can effortlessly save your session following the scan – so that when you get back again to recuperate the facts, you can constantly go on from where by you left off with out re-scanning every thing.

Pricing Options

It is in essence a free of charge recovery software that need to occur useful to pretty much anyone who wishes to have a tool for instant recovery of the shed facts.

Nevertheless, you get a restrict of 500 MB facts to restore with the free of charge program. Even though you can conduct a deep scan for free of charge, you will have to enhance it to the professional program if you have facts extra than 500 MB to restore.

The professional program prices you about $69 which eliminates the facts restrict – you can restore every thing that you locate in though scanning the storage drives. There are some other editions readily available as well. In this article’ what they give:


Closing Verdict

In my belief, if we have a data recovery software free to use which lets us scan the total pc with out upgrading it to the professional edition, you need to certainly go ahead and give it a spin.

In addition, if you’ thinking about the professional program – I’ say it is worthy of it as well when in contrast to the cost an IT specialist would charge you to assistance you recuperate the facts utilizing similar tools. Why not do it by yourself?

Very well, we did share what we think about this software tool – what do you think? Is EaseUS amazing?

Enable us know your ideas in the remarks below.


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